Friday, March 17, 2017

Earn real money from btcclicks with payment proof

                                               YOU CAN EARN REAL MONEY EVERYDAY

I came across BTC Clicks around 2 to 3 weeks ago. It says earn money just by viewing ads for a few seconds which has a corresponding reward per view. The amount for the reward per view differ though. I thought to myself, "This is kinda nice since I don't have to dedicate a lot of time". At first, I was a bit hesitant because we all know there are websites out there that let's you do jobs like watching ads, completing tasks, participating in surveys but actually turn out to be a scam in the end. But still, I went through to try out the website since I don't have to pay for anything and to test it out if it really pays. Banner
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First, I went to their website(Click here to go to BTC Clicks website) and entered my email in the textbox which looked like this:

I verified my email, setup a password and then started surfing ads. Simple! At first, the number of ads that were available for viewing is around 10 to 15. There are some ads that you need to view for 10 seconds, some for 20 seconds and even for 60 seconds. The longer the viewing time, the higher the pay. After viewing all the ads, I then again check back after an hour or two to view new ads if there are any. I continued doing this day to day for less than 10 minutes a day but not everyday since there are days that I am away. For this past week, I have been visiting BTC Clicks once a day and every time I open the website, there were around 20 to 25 ads available. The available ads have almost doubled compared to when I started.
Here comes the point where I have reached the minimum amount of earnings to be able to withdraw which is 0.1mBTC which is equivalent to 0.0001BTC and is equal to $0.09 USD as of this moment. My membership type is standard(the free one) and I have no referrals yet.
This image below is how my dashboard looks like before withdrawing

I then proceed to the withdraw page, input my bitcoin wallet address and my password

After clicking withdraw, you should  see something like this.
It said my money will be sent in 11 hours. Well I can't wait for 11 hours because it's my first payout. But hey, we can't do anything with it because it is what it is and the transaction has to be confirmed before reaching the wallet address. I checked my wallet the next day, and there it is. I just received my very first payout from BTC clicks.

The key to earning more in BTC Clicks

The real money maker in BTC Clicks depends on the referrals. Your work alone is just a single slice of the pie. You see, if you have a referral, BTC Clicks would pay you 80% of the value of a single ad that your referral has clicked.
Let's say you have one referral, you and your referral clicks on 20 ads per day for 5 days and each ad pays 0.00040mBTC. Your earnings alone will amount to 20ads*0.00040mBTC*5days = 0.04mBTC. You will receive 20ads*0.00032mBTC*5days = 0.032mBTC from your referral. The total will amount to 0.072mBTC in five days.
What if you have 10 referrals?Let's say again that you and your 10 referrals click 20 ads per day for 5 days and each ad pays 0.00040mBTC:
     Your earnings
          20 ads * 5 days * 0.00040 mBTC = 0.04mBTC
     Your earnings from 10 referrals
          20 ads * 5 days * 0.00032 mBTC * 10 referrals = 0.32mBTC
Your total amount of earnings for 5 days is now 0.36mBTC which is equivalent to .33 USD

How does the money flow in BTC Clicks?

Here's my own perception on how the money flows. For example, an advertiser pays BTC Clicks $1.00 per view. BTC Clicks will take a cut of $0.10 and the remaining $0.90 will go to the earners but it doesn't stop there. The $0.90 will be divided into two for Premium and Standard membership which makes it $0.45 each. But then again, the $0.45 will be divided into two for the earner and the referral which makes it $0.225 per view.
Let's say you are a new standard member and you don't have any referrals yet. If you click an ad, you will earn $0.225. If you have a referral and the referral clicked the same add, you will get 80% of the $0.225 your referral has earned and the 20% goes to BTC clicks, I think. If you are a Premium member, your earnings will be doubled. So it's a win win on both parties.


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