Monday, April 10, 2017

stock market

Tips must be followed in the stock market Customize part of the shares available for sale on the term and long-term (5 to 10 years) This method is successful, God willing, because stocks usually take the upward path Whatever Market fell Often the market tends to go up If you see the stock lost a lot and quantities decreasing until it reached the level is too low, it’s a positive sign to enter Bollinger: if broken candle Bollinger bottom line collection in the stock and if you want to sell quickly wait even looked candle from the top line Or follow me threads Elly revealed about the assembly. Because I shared a special location for sale in the medium term and Depends the adoption of a holistic and I try to do the filtering for any shares will be the recommendation to buy or sell no worry When you see the stocks that I bought it it rose for a certain amount and achieved a profit and you are what you sell and then drop suddenly get losses shall never sell and set yourself market rebound is usually when the market stabilizes collection in the stock and the rule says when people infects fear and pessimism in the market Buy without hesitation if optimistic people sell to you as well as buy and sell large speculators with this advice on the subject all know when the big speculator buys and sells when it claimed to be the length of your age wdw, Palestinian Territory


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